GE0605H & GE0610H Hybrid All-in-One ESS



* Stylish appearance with an integrated design.
* Build-in hybrid inverter with EMS. On-grid and off-grid modes available.
* EnergyFlow --Smart control app.
* Online real-time monitoring platform greatly improves after-sales service efficiency.
* Long battery life: over 6000 cycles.
* Wide MPPT range, two strings up to 500V.
* Fast charging, less than two hours @1C charging rate.
* Able to drive heavy loads.
* High efficiency >97%.
* Fanless design, <20dB noise level.
* Build-in LCD display.

* 6kW/5kWh, 6kW/10kWh options.




GL48100 LiFePO4 Battery



* Compatible with the majority of inverters currently available on the market.
* Up to 15 batteries(75kWh) can be connected in parallel, allowing scalability.
* The modular design of GL48100 enables easy and fast installation.
* High capacity usage rate @1C charging & discharging.
* Particularly suitable for powering critical loads when used with off-grid inverters.
* GL48100 is equipped with intelligent protection features and warning indicators.
* Its mounting bracket is specifically designed for easy installation.


GLDP-5166 Blade LiFePO4 Battery




* 51.2V 6.6kWh LiFePO4 blade battery- offer higher energy density compared to tranditional batteries.

* Extended battery life- a longer life span, with over 6000 charge-discharge cycles.

* Compact and light weight design.

* Superior safety performance (BYD LiFePO4 blade cells build-in)

* Increased space utilization - Over 50% more space utilization compared to other lithium batteries.



GSM-M series outdoor energy storage cabinet system





The GSM-M series outdoor energy storage cabinet system is an excellent solution that is both safe and reliable.It combines energy storage batteries, modular PCS energy management and monitoring system, distribution system, environmental control system, and fire control system all in one. It's easy to maintain and expand, and its intelligent management ensures high energy efficiency. You can choose from three different options: 50kW/100kWh, 50kW/200kWh, and 100kW/200kWh. 50kW/200kWh and 100kW/200kWh options.




GE series Off-grid All-in-one ESS




* Ideal for residential use with a compact design.

* The inverter can handle heavy loads with ease thanks to its low-frequency.

* A seamless backup time of less than 4ms.

* Manage your system with ease using the simple EnergyFlow App.

* Two people can do quick and easy installation in under an hour.

* Quickly scale up your system by adding more batteries.

* High-efficiency DC-AC conversion system for optimal performance.

* The battery has a long cycle life for reliable power over time.

* 4kW/5kWh,6kW/10kWh,8kW/10kWh options.







* 12.8V 75Ah (GLAR1210BT-T) & 25.6V 75Ah (GLAR2420BT-T) lead acid replacement battery.

* Easy-carry handle.

* High energy density.

* Build-in BMS with safety protection.

* Blue-tooth App for status monitoring.

* Scalable: GLAR1210BT-T up to 4units in series / GLAR2420BT-T up to 2 units in series.



GLH Series High-Voltage LiFePO4 Battery



* 5.12kWh LiFePO4 high-voltage battery modules.
* Stackable for high voltage.
* Scalable for more backup time & capacity.
* Easy installation with fast plug-in connectors
* 90% depth of discharge (DoD).
* Over 6000 cycles battery life.
* Compatible with multi-brand inverters on the market.