GSM-M series outdoor energy storage cabinet system





  • The GSM-M series outdoor energy storage cabinet system includes a comprehensive integration of energy storage batteries, 
    energy storage inverters, photovoltaic inverters, energy management and monitoring systems, distribution systems, 
    environmental control systems, and fire control systems to provide a full-spectrum monitoring of system operation status and 
  • The rack-mounted modular PCS is configurable to support multiple parallel connections while allowing for good scalability. 
    The PCS module quantity and battery total capacity can be customized based on the system capacity requirements of microgrids and other scenarios. Typical configurations include 50kW/100kWh, 50kW/200kWh, 100kW/200kWh. 
  • It has an IP54 protection level that can perfectly withstand various outdoor weather conditions. 
  • The door-mounted embedded integrated air conditioning system is designed to improve the available space of outdoor 
    cabinets without occupying cabinet space and has better topology structure integrity and waterproofing. 
  • Its control screen is equipped with various functions such as system operation monitoring, energy management strategy 
    development, and remote equipment upgrades.




  • Product series: GSM-M 50kW/100kWh-T-A / GSM-M 50kW/200kWh-T-A / GSM-M 100kW/200kWh-T-A
  • Battery rated capacity:100 kWh / 200 kWh / 200 kWh
  • Cell capacity:120Ah / 280Ah / 280Ah
  • Cell connection method:1P*24S*11S / 1P*14S*16S / 1P*14S*16S
  • Maximum charge & discharge current:60A / 140A / 140A
  • Photovoltaic rated capacity:50kW / 50kW / 100kW
  • Rated AC power:50kW / 50kW / 100kW
  • Rated AC current:72A / 72A / 144A
  • Dimensions (W×D×H):1200×1000×2150 mm   1850×1000×2300mm
  • Weight(≈) :1650kg / 1850kg / 2000kg /2200kg





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